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Transition from Body Conscious to Body Confident

A five-part workshop series to restore body acceptance, make peace with food and connect with a supportive community 

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What's in Each Embodied Workshop?

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Support Groups

Over two hours of different therapeutic support groups per workshop with varied curated topics. Make friends and talk about body image with people who get it. 

Creative Arts Activities

Calligraphy, clothing embellishment, meditation, improv, and acting! Different ways to get creative and make space for your exciting life outside of focusing on your body image led by local professionals.

Dinner Together

Make peace with food with the support of those around you and learn how to connect with others over a shared, catered meal. Cara will also be providing a sneak peek with recipes from her upcoming cookbook!

The Embodied workshop series is on the last Saturday of the Month from 2-8pm, January – May 2019. That’s 6 hours of intensive therapeutic support groups for an unbeatable price, with the coolest workshop leaders around. Come find who you truly are!

Embodied is for me if:

  • I'm looking for a community of people who understand what it's like to struggle with body image, disordered eating, or chronic dieting

  • I'm struggling to accept myself and feel overwhelmed with body conscious thoughts

  • I like the idea of combining talking about my issues with doing therapeutic activities as well

  • I'm motivated to make changes and I'm looking for some intensive support

  • I'm struggling with disordered eating and/or chronic dieting and I want to make 2019 the year that I break free

What is Embodied?

It is a series of 5 intensive workshops (once a month for 5 months) that will help you heal your body image & relationship with food. 

Each workshop includes a Mind, Body, Spirit holistic approach:

Mind: A welcoming, fun and fresh group therapy session to connect with others who understand what you’re going through 

Body: A shared meal to face triggers together with the support you need to regain the joy of eating a meal with friends 

Spirit: Develop new interests and hobbies like yoga, dance, improv, crafts, astrology, calligraphy, and poetry to refocus your purpose! 

Where is Embodied?

Gemmed headquarters, 7817 Melrose Ave, Suite 202, Los Angeles, CA 90046 

When is Embodied?

Workshop 1: Saturday, January 25th, 2pm-8pm PST

Theme: New Year

-Goal setting that has nothing to do with weight loss

-What do you want your life to look like now?

Activities: Mood and vision boards

Workshop 2: Saturday, February 22nd, 2pm-8pm PST

Theme: Love

-Body image, dating, and love

-Overcoming fears around body, love, and acceptance

Activities: Breathwork and meditation class

Workshop 3: Saturday, March 28th, 2pm-8pm PST

Theme: Intuitive Eating

-Your full guide to intuitive eating

-Special guest Registered Dietician to answer all your food questions

Activity-Calligraphy class for writing mantras

Workshop 4: Saturday, April 25th, 2pm-8pm PST

Theme: Friendship

-Living in LA and diet culture 

-Navigating female friendships and healing sisterhood wounds

Activities: Improv and Acting classes

Workshop 5: Saturday, May 16th, 2pm-8pm PST

Theme: Embodying the Rebel

-Breaking free from food and body rules

-Navigating vacation and body image

Activity-Embellishing jean jackets


Presented by

Annie and Ellen Kuni of Gemmed, an LA-based non-profit that treats eating disorders, low self-esteem, and body dysmorphia with a holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit approach. And Cara of Caras Kitchen, a Holistic Health Coach 

How Much is Embodied?


Meet the ladies of Gemmed

Annie Kuni, LMFT

Annie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Having lived with and recovered from an eating disorder herself, she is in a unique position to provide insight, support, and guidance. She founded Gemmed, an eating disorder support group nonprofit, with her sister, Ellen.

Ellen Kuni

Having worked in the entertainment industry and recovered from disordered eating, Ellen provides mentorship, guidance, and advocacy in support groups. She founded Gemmed, an eating disorder support group nonprofit, with her sister, Annie.

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