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During the month of January I decided to start my day with a glass of lemon water before having my coffee. Like many people, I begin my day with a good old cup o' joe. I am one of those people who has very little interest in even entertaining the idea of giving up coffee so this was not what this experiment was about. There are several benefits of drinking lemon water including the following:

  1. It Aids in Digestion: acid helps breakdown food hence there being so much in our bellies naturally but as we age we produce less of it so lemon water may help.

  2. Helps get you Hydrated: many of us dont get enough water as is so having a glass first thing in the morning starts you off on the right foot.

  3. Prevents Oxidation: lemons contain phytonutrients that protect out body against disease. These substances have antioxidant properties for the body.

  4. Vitamin C Boost: vitamin C helps protect us from cell damage and repair injury aside from giving us a immunity boost.

I wasn't having digestive issues, getting sick, or trying to lose weight (although I did put on a few pounds while I owned the cafe). Honestly, I simply was curious to see if it would have an impact on how I felt each day and if it would help clear up my skin which was covered in some pretty ugly pimples. Needless to say the results surprised me.

This is what my day looked like during the month of January (roughly):

  • 5:30am- wake up naturally and be out of bed by 6am

  • 6:00am- brush my teeth, drink a few sips of plain h20

  • 6:10am- squeeze half an organic (really important people) lemon in to about 16 oz of warm h20 and drink it.

  • 6:20am- have one 8-12oz cup of coffee with vegan creamer, coconut oil, mushroom mix, stevia

  • 7:00am- start work at the cafe and be on my feet all day until we closed at 3pm.

  • 3:00pm- usual slump was no where to be found

  • 7:00pm- The normal sluggish-ness hadn't arrived... brain fog? nope. inability to concentrate? nope.

  • 9:45pm- pass the eff out, per usu.

The two big take aways were this:

ONE: around 2-3pm when I would often start to get a sluggish and tired, I felt normal. My eyes weren't heavy, I wasn't yawning or looking for some kind of pick me up. Major plus.

TWO: generally around 7-9pm I am pretty useless. I can not concentrate on much, I do not retain a lot of facts or digest information well. When I was drinking the lemon water I noticed how I was more focused and sharp later in the day. It seemed to delay the brain fog (brain dead) feeling I was used to experiencing every night during the work week.

I was surpised by the results I experienced, they were really great, however I don't see myself doing it everyday forever, cause well, I tottally forgot to buy lemons this week. It happens. But I will be doing it often, especially on days when I know I need to be on point. Overall a great experiment!

Id love to know: How do you start your morning?



On paper, I'm a certified health coach, holistic nutritionist and chef.

In action, I'm a purpose driven Food Freedom and Body Wisdom Consultant, guiding woman and men towards the health and lifestyle of their dreams.

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