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Hi friends!

It seems like this season peopleall around me have been hit hard with colds and flus.

Just last week while in the emergency room with my boyfriend the nurse mentioned that she had never seen so many cases in her history in the ER. At times they were so backed up that she wasn’t sure how they would manage to see everyone and given that so many I know and love are sick I knew this wasn't an exaggeration.

While I didnt always have the best immune system, aside from hangovers and food poisoning, I have managed to avoid getting sick for the last seven years. It might seem like magic but its not.

My health is something I am indeed very grateful for and want for other people so I spent some time thinking about what is it that I personally have been doing that has helped keep me well year after year.

It boils down to what I do consistently, day in and day out, that results in my wellness. Like Benjamin Franklin once wisely said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure."

I don't want to wait until shit hits the fan to start taking care of the fan. You know what I mean? I'd like to prevent the whole mess in the first place.

So I compiled a list of the things that I do consistently that you can also encorporate into your life to build up a stronger immune system and hopefully prevent future sick days.

There are other supplements and things you can do of course, this is by no means everything out there in terms of prevention but these are what I do that have resulted in a strong immune system.

These things might seem basic and obvious because they are and that's the beauty of them.

Below are the 6 things I do consistently to avoid getting sick.

1. Oil of Oregano

This is the best preventative measure I had ever found as far as products go. I take this all the time when people around me are sick and it works. Like it really really works. BUT only if you take it the day you first feel even the slightest touch of sickness. If you do not take it before the bug has inoculated in your body then it does not work. Since everyone around me is sick I have been taking it almost daily as a “just in case shit happens” measure. This is the one I use because it is the most effective I have found.

2. Vitamin C

Although I drink this mostly because it is the precursor to collagen production in the body it is also an immune system powerhouse. I mix 1-2 tsp of it in water and drink it in the morning. I like THIS one because it is from a source I trust, is organic, and has very few ingredients unlike most other supplement products on the market.

3. Leafy Greens at Every Meal

Leafy greens are good for us for obvious reasons like vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals but what is especially powerful is the sulfur based sugar inside them that feed our gut bugs. It is called sulfoquinovose or SQ for short.

Since most of our immune system is housed in our digestive tract having a diverse and healthy micro biome is one of our best defenses from outside invaders that could cause harm. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I aim to get in leafy greens in with every meal. It can be as little as some micro greens up to a massive kale salad but each time we eat leafy greens we are feeding the good gut-bacteria that also helps with digestion, cognitive function and combats oxidative stress that contributes to illness and disease.

Get your greens on people, please!

4. H20

This might seem like an obvious one but drinking water all day every day is so dang important. It helps every cell in our body function optimally and supports the elimination of toxins from the body. Water needs to be what we drink the most of each day. If you struggle to drink water try flavoring it with Liquid IV or fresh fruit.

5. Sleep

Although we might think of sleep as a time to shut down, our body is actually hard at work while we doze off to dream land. Our brain removes toxins from the body while we sleep and studies show that our T-cells, which play a role in immunity, go down when we are sleep deprived which makes us more susceptible to the cold and flu.

If you are in my immediate circle then you know how much I value my sleep, and I feel a huge difference the next day if I get less than my preferred 8-9 hours. I know my commitment to sleep has been massively influential in my overall health. If you have problems getting in the Zzz's these are my two favorite natural sleep supporting supplements: Melatonin and Calm Magnesium

6. A High Fiber and Plant-Based Diet

Although I am not vegan and eat almost everything now, my diet is still made up of 80%+ whole plant based foods that are very high in both soluble and insoluble fiber which are essential for health. Studys show that soluble fiber found in plants strengthens our immune system by reducing inflammation in the body.

Insoluble fiber, also found in all plant foods, helps your body move waster material through our digestive system and out the body. It can absorb toxins, lower cholesterol levels and balance our blood sugar among other things. Fiber should be a macronutrient because it is as necessary for health as protein, fat and carbohydrates. Fiber has without a doubt contributed to my overall health and wellbeing. Eat more fiber babes!

I hope these preventative measures are easy for you to encorporate in your daily life and protect you from getting sick.





On paper, I'm a certified health coach, holistic nutritionist and chef.

In action, I'm a purpose driven Food Freedom and Body Wisdom Consultant, guiding woman and men towards the health and lifestyle of their dreams.

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