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Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice but not one that comes for free. Organic food and products are often more expensive then their conventional counterparts which is why its sometimes necessary to pick and choose what you're willing to fork over extra cash for.

Below is a list of 7 of my non-negotioables that I believe are worth the extra dollar dollar bills, ya'll. Of course there are more but these are the main ones that I will always buy organic and natural.

Leafy Greens

As you know, jam packed salad bowls are my jam.

The main reason I eat leafy greens at every meal is for the health of it so I see it as vitally important to only buy organic, preferably from the farmers market so it is fresh and full of nutrients.

Leafy greens feed our gut bacteria and are loaded with phytonutrients that combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation making them a staple in a healthy vibrant diet.

Eating leafy greens with every meal is sort of my insurance policy that my body is getting a constant stream of nutrients.

Candles and Perfumes

While I love the smell of a cinnamon vanilla candle as much as the next girl, synthetic fragrance is often just another word for chemicals.

Most candels and perfumes omit numerous types of potential harmful chemicals such as benzene and toulene. These can contribute to asthma, and can cause damamge to our brain, lungs, and central nervous system.

Personally, when I am around synthetic fragrance my reaction can be immediate, acute and sometimes severe. My eyes and throat get itchy, I find it hard to breathe, and often I get headaches or lightheaded.

I only buy organic, natural fragrance, natural or soy based wax candles and only use essential oils for perfume.

I love this lavendar oil for scent, both as perfume and in my oil diffuser.


Anything in the berry family, including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, is likely sprayed with high levels of herbicides and pesticides. Year after year they are on the dirty dozen list so I choose to eat organic.

Although the dirty dozen list does not go into the amount of each pesticide found on its samples, just the number of different ones, it has been criticized for its lack of value. I look at it differently.

I get that it’s the dose that makes things lethal, for example taking 1 Advil is fine, but swallowing the whole bottle's worth is harmful and potentially deadly, I try to minimize my exposure to pesticides as much as possible.

Just because the conventional berries are not covered with an amount that will kill me on the spot, I am still ingesting foreign chemicals into my body which I try to mitigate as much as possible.

Organic berries might not be 100% pesticide free but less is still better in my opinion because in the modern world we are surrounded by endocrine disrupters in our environment.

I like to decrease my exposure as much as possible because everything compounds and adds up over time accelerating aging and degradation of the body.

And the same goes for apples. Organic only for me always. Basically any fruit without a tough outter skin or peel.


The health of our bodies is not just based on the food we eat, but the city we live in, the thoughts we think, our lotions and skin care products, and of course everything that goes in (or near) our skin and body, including tampons or pads.

Cotton is one of the most heavily spray crops and most feminine care products are made with plastic. What’s extra disturbing is that most “tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine that leads to a toxic byproduct called dioxin, which is a known carcinogen and can lead to endometriosis.”

It is possible that UTI’s, hormonal issues, yeast infections, endometriosis are partly a result of products that we a lead to believe are safe to go in our body. Because of the potential damage from long term, monthly exposure to chemicals from feminine care products in the most scared part of my body I will only buy organic.

I love Natracare tampons. I met the owner at Expo West, a woman who is so passionate about making quality products for other women that are organic, natural, plant-derived, biodegradable and free from chemicals and additives. No fragrance, no toxic chemical dyes or coloring, no pesticides or fertilizers. Those are just things that I do not want in or near my MF lady parts, you feel me?

Meat and Eggs

I take it a step further here and go for pasture raised and organic. Only recently did I start eating meat again while on Whole 30 so if I am going to consume it I want it to be the most nutritious, with as minimal harm to the environment and animals as possible.

Pastured meats and eggs are continually found to have higher levels of health fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients and cause less damage to the environment and in fact improve soil conditions and irrigation.

Cleaners and Detergents

Products that are used to clean the house or my clothes are going to effect the air quality in my living space where I spend a lot of my time. Most cleaning products contain harmful chemicals like ammonia, chlorine bleach and synthetic fragrance that irritate eyes, skin, respiratory tract and can interfere with normal hormone activity. An endocrine disruptor is anything that mimics or disturbs our hormone balance in the body and can lead to cancerous tumors, birth defects, metabolism issues, mood disorders and the list goes on. I truly see the value in investing in natural cleaning products.

I use seventh generation soap, sprays, detergents. I also like Method cleaners from Target too!

Vitamins and Supplements

If you watch my insta stories then you know I am committed to getting in Vitamin C every morning and as I discussed in this post, the supplement industry is not regulated so I am very particular about what companies I buy from. Healthforce Naturals is trustworthy and I believe they have integrity with the products they produce.

Some of my favorites from them are Vitamin C, Vitamineral Green, and Chlorella

What about you? I would love to know what your must -have organic products are!





On paper, I'm a certified health coach, holistic nutritionist and chef.

In action, I'm a purpose driven Food Freedom and Body Wisdom Consultant, guiding woman and men towards the health and lifestyle of their dreams.

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