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GOSH- to be honest with you all, since I talk so much about food freedom I am sometimes hesitant to dive into nutrition in fear that it might result in more food restrictions and eat this not that rules with food.

But I get asked ALOT about my thoughts on dairy.

Healing my relationship with food and developing Body Wisdom involved finding out what foods were physically making me feel lousy outside of my obsession with weight-loss and poor body-image.

I used to have athritist, awful acne, asthma, digestive issues and migraines on top of an eating disorder and focusing on more healing foods helped me learn to take care of my body regardless of its size.

Through this process I discovered that dairy was a very problematic food for me after having been told for years that it was a miracle food and wildly healthy. It just simply was not true for my body and contributed to bloating and acne, both of which effected my self esteem and body image.

So with that said today I am sharing with you a video with my views on DAIRY.

I share 6 considerations based on science and with that information you can powerfully choose if its something you want to eat or not. You can also experiment by eliminating it for 2-3 weeks and see if you notice any changes in how you feel.

Feeling better physically is a catalyst for a better relationship with food.

At the same time, eating dairy is perfectly ok if you want to especially if you really love it because depriving ourselves of what we love is NOT a good thing for our relationship with food.

Personaly, I think of dairy like I think of french fries.

Fries might not be physically healthy, being deep fried in oil and all, but they are delicious. And I want to eat them sometimes, because I love them..., so I do.

I am not a fries fobic by any means. I don't think they are nutritious either but they are freaking delicious and depriving myself of them is not cool with me. I dont want to live a life where I cant eat the foods I love and that includes french fries.

I also don't feel guilt for eating fries because thats not so cool either.

I enjoy the shit out of them and then be done with it. Yeah I might feel a little fatigued but it doesn't make me a fat pig or a bad person.

It makes me a person who just enjoyed one of her favorite foods.

So if you feel that way about cheese, ice cream and yogurt, then do you.

Enjoy it from time to time. No guilt, no shame.

But if it does make you feel physically lousy, like it does me then take that into consideration when choosing how to nourish your body.

Even though I know that when I eat fried foods I do not feel great, I still enjoy them from time to time, I just take into consideration how they will effect my body physically (not size wise but how I feel) before choosing to eat them.

This is what being an intuitive eater is and what developing Body Wisdom looks like. And it absolutely plays a role in healing our relationship with food.

xo C



On paper, I'm a certified health coach, holistic nutritionist and chef.

In action, I'm a purpose driven Food Freedom and Body Wisdom Consultant, guiding woman and men towards the health and lifestyle of their dreams.

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