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i want to address a pretty common roadblock when embracing the practice of unconditional permission to eat.

As you probably know, breaking free from the diet-binge cycle begins by ending dieting and introducing what is called unconditional permission to eat.

Letting yourself eat carbs after years of attempted restriction from them can truly help you heal your relationship with food and help halt classic yo-yo dieting and rebound binge eating. Remember, you cannot fall off the wagon when there is no wagon.

The thing is, physically putting bread in your mouth is not enough to end binge eating if you are still thinking the same way about bread- meaning mentally and emotionally you are not truly ok with yourself for eating them because there is some internalized fear of carbohydrates.

Basically, you are still operating from the diet mentality."

Its called imagined deprivation or emotional restriction. It’s when you are literally putting a once sworn off food in your mouth, but...

your internal monologue is saying that

“you shouldn’t be eating this” or

you're worrying the entire time about the impact it will have on your thighs instead of focusing on Vitamin P.

Its when you eat whatever you want but deep down you are not actually ok with it. Guilt, shame and judgement is still very, very present.

So, unconditional permission to eat is not truly happening.

On a mental and emotional level you are not giving yourself permission to eat even though you are physically putting the food in your mouth.

While eating whatever you want is important, it simply is not enough. We have to get to a place where we fundamentally believe it is ok to eat bread.

xo C

I hope this post was helpful, and if you're ready to truly end binge eating, the apply for my group coaching program



On paper, I'm a certified health coach, holistic nutritionist and chef.

In action, I'm a purpose driven Food Freedom and Body Wisdom Consultant, guiding woman and men towards the health and lifestyle of their dreams.

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