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I learned to hate my body, just like you learned to hate yours, too.

While this sucks, the beautiful thing is we have the ability to unlearn it.

A common and huge misconception of most women is that they believe they are the ones hating their bodies.

The truth is none of us came into this life thinking there was anything wrong with the way we looked until an outside force told us otherwise (kids at school, teacher, media, family etc.).

We heard the messages that fat was bad, cellulite was gross, stretchmarks are ugly, curves are only okay if they're in the right place and on and on and on.

And since we hear these messages over and over they become ingrained in our brains and then we start to repeat them to ourselves, knit-picking at every part of our body that doesn't look how were told it's supposed to.

Then we blame ourselves for being so hard on ourselves.

But that is simply not the case.

We've just taken on the voice of somebody from the outside. Typically someone who benefits financially and/or socially from our insecurities.

So separate yourself from these thoughts right now.

Instead of you looking at yourself in the mirror wondering why you hate yourself, you can actually see these thoughts objectively, as not your own.

Who you are at your core, your soul, loves your body and sees it as the beautiful vessel in which you show up in this life.

The real you would never hate your body, ever.

When we slow down enough to peel off all the layers of other peoples BS we can begin to see that who we are at our core knows that our body is inherently good, worthy of love and enough.

Stop believing other peoples BS is your own and watch the peace it brings you.



I'm a certified health coach and I help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. I am also the host of the Love Your Bod Pod, 

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