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Transition from Food Obsession to Food Freedom

16-weeks virtual group coaching program (+3 day in-person retreat in Los Angeles) to help you end the crazy around food, learn to trust (and stop hating your body), and start living a life you truly love!

*Due to the Corona Virus, the next round of FBS is on hold until further notice. 


Do you spend way more time thinking about food than you'd like to admit? Is your last thought of the day about what you ate?


Do you skip social events in fear of the food or because you are trying to be "healthy?" Do you struggle to be present with people because you are fixated on what you are eating (or not eating)?


Have you spent most of your life trying to lose weight and wishing you were thinner? Are your confidence and self-esteem super low and you are always worried about what other people think of you?


Let’s be real girl, do fear of food and weight gain run the mother-fucking show?


 Is it absolutely getting in your way?  

Leaving you distracted, preoccupied, stressed, exhausted, lonely? 


Zapping your energy, happiness, and confidence, preventing you from truly chasing after what you want in your life?


(Be it personal goals, romantic partnerships... business or career... whatever.)


Have you always felt like you were here to do really big, important shit, yet this food and body stuff is holding you back from stepping into your power and purpose?


... And if any of the above rings true, aren't you freaking OVER IT?

I am sooooo beyond excited to invite you to Food Body Soul! 


iI anything above resonated with you, then this is the program for you. 

Food Body Soul is for you if you are ready to:

Become aware of why you're struggling with food and learn tools + strategies to assist you in creating balanced eating patterns without dieting, overeating or binge eating.


Learn to connect to the wisdom of your body & honor your hunger & fullness cues.

Develop coping mechanisms outside the cookie jar so emotional eating is not adding more stress to your life. 


Discover habits + strategies for taking care of your health no matter what you weigh & learn to take care of yourself without restriction.


Make peace with all foods so you can have cookies in the pantry and forget about them, and feel at ease no matter where you are. 

Detach your worth from your weight and step fully into your power as a woman.

Develop intuition around food which will lead to more intuition in life.

Cultivate unshakeable confidence and relentless belief in yourself. 

Connect deeply to your soul's desires and create the life of your dreams. 

You Deserve:

Something different than the same old shit you're used to hearing about food, health & weight loss.


To learn to trust + honor yourself & your body.


More than all these years of fighting with food & always trying to lose weight.


Freedom, peace & confidence around food + in your own skin.


You deserve food freedom & body wisdom.

You deserve a life that turns your soul on. 

What's Included in FBS?

An Online Course 


16 Group Coaching Calls


3 Virtual Seminars with Guest Experts


Private Facebook Group and Messenger Chat


All-Inclusive 3-Day Retreat in Los Angeles, CA


Sisterhood & Community

Imagine going through this healing process with others who are going through it, too? 

If you've ever felt isolated and alone in your struggle, being a part of this community will be life-changing.


Are you ready to be free from this struggle with food once and for all? Are you ready to leave behind the body shame and become body confident? Are you ready to stop letting your fears stop you from stepping into your power and purpose?

If you answered yes, then 


is for you!

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Apply for a Complimentary Discovery Call to Learn About Food Body Soul!

If your application is approved we will hop on a call and:

- We’ll take a look at what’s going on in your relationship with food and what’s keeping you specifically from food freedom

- Get clear on what you want for yourself and your health and see how you can make that vision a reality

- Come up with an action plan for you so you know exactly what steps to take moving forward

**If we both feel like Food Body Soul is the perfect program to help you reach your goals then we can talk about the next steps. If not, then no worries, this call if my gift to you!**