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"If your relationship status with food is "it's complicated" you've come to the right place.


Let's start here. Check all that apply to you.

I am here because….


A) I have tried what seems like every diet from Weight Watchers to going Paleo and nothing seems to work for very long

B) I have spent most of my life trying to lose weight and wishing I were thinner


C) I feel like no matter what I do I always end up "falling off the wagon"


D) I feel addicted to sugar and carbs

E) I spend way too much time and energy thinking about food each day

F) I want to build a stronger connection between the foods I eat and how I feel

G) I want to finally feel good about myself and my body 

H) I want to eat normally and enjoy the foods I love without guilt or shame


Great news, friend! If any or all of the above apply to you then you are in the right place. 

You’ve spent the past several years thinking that dieting, restricting, and cleansing was going to yield the health and body of your dreams.


You’re the kind of person who reads about nutrition, and wellness and likes to eat healthfully a lot of the time.


You are genuinely ready to transform your relationship with food & body but might not have all the tools and knowledge you need to match your desires for wellness.


Your tenacity, brains, and dedication have helped you to keep coming back to trying to take care of yourself, but balance, energy, vibrancy, body-acceptance, and intuitive eating still elude you.


And the more you try to employ all you’ve learned and create consistency in your health to find those things, the further you seem to get from them.


It’s exhausting. I know.


I spent a decade tangled up in a web of wanting to just eat like a "normal" person and be healthy. I had arthritis as a teenager, debilitating migraines every month and was so constipated and bloated most days I couldn’t even think straight.


My desire to be thin lead me to try my first diet and then down the road to an eating disorder..., it left me broken, depleted and feeling like crap most days. The more I tried to eat right, not binge or purge and just be balanced, the more I spiraled out.


I had a glamorous job in Los Angeles, a cute boyfriend and what appeared to be a healthy body. From the outside, I looked like I had my shit together.


My body and sense-of-self had a very different opinion.



All along the way I knew that the quickest route to *the good stuff* was healing my eating disorder, loving myself and listening to my built in body wisdom and intuition about when and what to eat.


I spent many years pretending like I had it all figured out, that I was healthy and loved my body but I was somehow so far from it despite everything I had read about health and nutrition. It was like I knew what do and yet wasn’t doing it.  Had I known that EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED (the freedom to eat without guilt, a love for my body and all that it can do, the energy to take actions in the areas of my life that matter to me, and health that extends to every teeny tiny cell in my body) were on the other side of finally surrendering and getting help, I would have done it long ago.


Hi babes, our health is the foundation upon which the rest of our life can grow. The food we eat is literally building the basis for everyTHING in our LIFE.


How, when and what we eat is either healing us, bringing us closer to who we are or its hurting us, moving us further away from our true selves.


It affects how we sleep at night, the way our skin looks and how our brains function. It influences every single thought, emotion and action we take or don’t take. it affects how we feel when we wake up, the choices we make and how we move throughout the day.


Every cell in our body is broken down and rebuilt from the food we eat.



The thing is -- There is more nutrition and health information available to us than ever before and yet people are as sick as ever, dealing with everything from chronic illness to eating disorders.


How is that possible?


The access to information has left you confused about where to start and what to do.

Which way of eating is right for you?


When you start out on a new diet feeling motivated and inspired you blame your willpower when it doesn’t go according to plan.

But willpower is a finite resource, you need a long-term solution.


All the elaborate diets and workout regimes leave you feeling lost and like you can’t trust yourself. Your body really is your own health expert, you have just lost touch with the confidence to trust your instincts and intuition.


 Do you want to feel amazing and love your body? I can help you.


Do you want to trust your intuition around what foods work for your body and eat in a way that creates vibrancy and energy? I can guide you.


Do you want to learn how to tune into your built-in BODY WISDOM and activate your bodies natural healing capabilities? I can teach you.



On paper, I'm a Certified Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Chef.


In action, I'm a purpose driven Food Freedom and Body Wisdom Consultant, guiding humans towards the health and lifestyle of their dreams.


I use holistic nutrition, purpose-driven action, movement, and mindset-medicine to teach those hungry for lasting change to trust their intuition, strengthen the habits correlated with what they really want and to break free from their personal prison of food, stress, and expectations.


I empower and nourish others to help them take control of their health and wellbeing. I support people through the emotional relationship with food unearthing what is really at the root of their behaviors. Together we clean up their environment so it aligns with their goals and I teach them how to shop and prepare meals in a way that allows their body to heal so they can have freedom from food guilt.


Clients report gaining the knowledge, tools, and mindset to finally feel at ease in their bodies and around food. Once equipt, they have access to energy, motivation, consistency and the lifestyle they have always wanted.


Not only will you learn the science behind WHAT you need to eat, but you will also be guided in discovering HOW to eat that leads to long-lasting health and happiness. I will help you pave the road to utilize your newfound body wisdom and food freedom so you can finally be at peace with what’s on your plate and feel auh-mazing each day.


Every day offers a new opportunity to choose what you put in your body.  Cultivating your dream lifestyle can start RIGHT NOW... but you have to take the leap.

I'ii help you heal your gut and then learn to listen to it!

Hey, I'm Cara!


Utilizing my expertise in holistic nutrition, transformational psychology, intuitive eating and recovering from my own battle with an eating disorder, I guide women and men to vibrancy and vitality in their bodies.


I started obsessing about 'being skinny' when I was 14, right around the time my mom started talking about going on Atkins and Mary-Kate Olsen was in the media for having anorexia. I was afraid of getting fat and suddenly very conscious of my body. I become obsessed with being thin but put on the front that I just wanted to be healthy.


I started dieting around age 15 and would flip flop between the popular ones at the time, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Master Cleanse to name a few.


I didn’t really know how to listen to my body and I always felt like crap.

Sometimes I would eat very little then shame myself when I’d derail.


I'd go through very dramatic cycles.


Sometimes I'd triumphantly eat nothing! Other times, I'd spiral out, decide I was worthless, and literally eat everything.


5 years later, I was living in Australia and had endless amounts of nutritional information at my disposal and yet I was more bloated, constipated, fatigued, broken out, not sleeping and had the worst pain in my joints and bones ever when I had this crazy epiphany.


If I didn't start taking my healing seriously, this struggle with food and health would continue to dimish the overall quality of my life. 


I know, groundbreaking.


I very much wanted to get to the bottom of what I was eating that was making me feel so off balance in my body. So I set out on my own to discover how to eat for my body. I gave up the diets and prescribed ways of eating and began to experiment for myself.


But I still had this eating disorder thing going on. I was still binging and purging but now on the “healthy foods.”  


I’ll let you in on a secret…, eating healthy foods is not the same as being healthy.


Discovering this started the real healing and set me up to have integrity with everything I ingest, not just food but everything. It didn’t happen overnight, it was a journey and a process but with patience, ease, and grace I came out on the other side.




My darkest dark gave me my brightest light.

Through heartache, lots of missed meals, lots of thrown up meals, and hitting 'rock bottom' , I now know what real health and wellness is.

Because I've got it.

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