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What if a conversation could change everything?



Does this sound like you:

 1. Half the time you're doing fine until you have a bite of a cookie and end up eating the whole know binge eating, that..."I shouldn't be doing this but I can't stop and I am a fat unloveable pig" eating.

You are thinking about food constantly and always googling around for healthy recipes - not only do you feel out of control around food but it always seems to be on your mind.

You feel like you eat emotionally A LOT. Like sure some people eat when they are sad, you seem to eat when you're stressed, anxious, name it. 

4. You hate your body, and you want to be thin as much as you want almost anything.  

If any or all of the above apply to you, then fill out the application below for a complimentary discovery call & to learn about the opportunities for working together.


"I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Cara on healing my relationship with food and my body. Through the safe space Cara created, we were able to work through issues I didn’t even realize were connected to my relationship with food! Equally important, Cara helped me see the bigger picture of diet culture and how we can overcome it rather than succumb to it. I appreciated most Cara’s willingness to meet me where I was at in my journey, let me progress at my own pace, and help me build resilience when I faltered (or better said, felt like I was faltering). Something unique about Cara’s approach is how well she delivers evidence-based information with compassion and authenticity. Her own story and journey made it so easy to form a connection and set the foundation for my recovery. If I had known what working with Cara would be like, I would have done it years ago! Thanks to Cara I think and worry about food a lot less and have an arsenal of tools to help me cope with any curveball life throws to me. So if you’re reading this and wondering if this recovery path is for you, it is! Gather up your courage, take a deep breath, and reach out to Cara. It’s undeniably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I will be forever grateful for the impact it’s had on my life."

Anna, 24

"I think Cara saved my life. When I started this journey, I only wanted to eat ice cream for breakfast (lol). Cara was the first person I ever told (besides my mom) about my struggles with food. For more than 7 years, I had struggled with extreme food restriction and bingeing. Every. Single. Day. I remember waking up, determined that today would be the day I wouldn’t binge. As we know, that doesn’t work. And every night I went to sleep with a stomach ache. I’d pledge that the next day would be different. I spent years and years doing this. I quit things I loved because I was so obsessed with food, with the lack of food, with losing weight. I am no longer that girl. When I exercise, I am not doing it to punish myself. I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m full. Sometimes, I don’t stop when I’m full! It’s just not a big deal. I eat ice cream, I eat broccoli, I eat bread. These things take up very little headspace. I think about many other things besides food in the day. I know I’ll get adequate nutrition. I don’t stress about weight. I am happy with who I am. This didn’t happen overnight. I did all the exercises Cara gave me. Sometimes I wanted to quit. Sometimes I wanted to redownload a calorie counting app and “regain control.” I didn’t though, I kept going, and I no longer feel the need to “control myself” around food. I am at peace with something I struggled with for 7 years- something that completely took over my life- and I am free! This testimonial hardly captures the feelings of gratitude I have. I had hit rock bottom when I called Cara. It was a desperate attempt- I was convinced that I literally could not live anymore if every day was controlled by my relationship with food. I truly thought I would never find freedom- I think I believed I didn’t deserve it. Cara taught me that the reason people loved me had nothing to do with the way I looked. She taught me that diet culture was toxic- and showed me what to look out for. She taught me to listen to and love my body. I am only 21 and I have a whole life ahead of me! I have so many dreams and goals that have nothing to do with food or my body. I am in music school and I have found that I have so much more brain space to learn and to create! Thank you so much. I am incredibly grateful. When I share my experiences with friends and family, I always mention her name. I say “I met with a woman named Cara, and I truly believe she saved my life.” 

Carli G, 21

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