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What it's like to work with Cara...

I began working with Cara because of a three-decade battle that I’ve had with food, self-esteem, bingeing, and body image.  I have been on a healing journey for twenty years, and an intense healing journey for the last three years, and yet I could not even begin to budge these issues that I had carried with me since childhood.  Within four sessions with Cara, I felt near-complete healing and relief in all of these areas.  It’s hard to grasp how gifted Cara is at facilitating healing. If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it was possible to shift so quickly, especially a problem that had plagued me for so long.  Cara is the real deal, and I feel extremely lucky to have had her play this part in my life.  


After my food issues were no longer issues, I still had multiple sessions to go with Cara.  Her healing capabilities are in no way limited to food issues!  We tackled self-esteem and self-doubt, my overworked inner critic, marital problems, anger issues, and on and on.  Each session was something new that I wished to heal.  And each session ended with that part of myself healed, my heart full, my love for myself growing, my life coming into balance.  It has been a truly magical 12 weeks and I feel so grateful to Cara for each step of it.  She accomplished what 80 years of therapy likely could not.  


I love to meditate and when I do, I often call in my guides and those who have helped me on my journey. Cara will always have a place in that inner circle of mine, with the handful of others that have impacted my life in such an impactful, loving, healing way.  She is truly a gift and I hate that our weekly time of working together is coming to an end, but I’m so happy for the lucky person who will get my time slot and receive all the benefits of working with such an intuitive, heart-centered, wise, committed, and impactful soul. 


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Before I met Cara, I had spent almost 20 years in a bubble with my eating disorder. I  had become accustomed to feeling shame about my body, around food, and never feeling worthy enough to live a fulfilling life. But there was a part of me who was exhausted in feeling this way day in and day out. There had to be another way and that way led me to Cara. After listening to her podcasts for over a month, I was so shocked at how relatable her content was yet so unaware that diet culture existed and how their toxic messages were heavily influencing my life. I needed to know more so I reached out. Never did I think this would turn into a journey where I could look deep into myself for the answers and be willing to follow through. Cara was so supportive in helping guide me to the reality that I had to be 100% willing to do the work. She provided me with tools and resources to help me create a suit of armor I could take with me where I went. Her compassion and ability to hold space for me were what I needed. The fact that we had similar stories made it easy for me to trust her and the process. She saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself but I was determined to listen to her experiences and follow through with any challenges she asked me to pursue. I have so much gratitude towards her and she will always be an important part of my life and recovery journey. Her methods of practice in helping me see that Diet Culture was the problem were phenomenal and ones I’ll never forget. My life now in recovery is so much more than I could envision. My relationship with food is peaceful and enjoyable! My relationship with my body went from disgust to respect. She helped me envision and create a new path that has led me to believe in myself and my capabilities to show up as the person I wish to be. Cara, you are a bright light in my soul and I’m sure in many others. We will forever be soul sisters because of your passion to help support others in healing their bodies, mind, and soul. 

Maren, 35

Thinking back to my first discovery call with Cara, I remember crying and feeling at complete rock bottom around food and my body. I had essentially spent the last 20 years obsessing over weight loss and putting so much energy into dieting and what I thought was "health" to lose weight. I was completely lost and did not want to keep living in diet culture. I never saw myself as someone who *wouldn't* think about food/my weight every second of every day. I always saw weight loss as the thing I would never have but wanted the most.

After working with Cara for a year, it's insane to realize that the thoughts I used to have about dieting and weight loss are not a part of my daily life in the slightest. The amount of noticeable freed-up brain space I have now is almost unbelievable compared to this time last year. I do not think about my food choices 24/7, I try my best not to restrict or live in conditional permission around food, and weight loss is no longer a goal of mine.

Of course, there are still days and periods of time that feel more difficult In terms of combating shame and judgment around food and my body, but overall I feel like a completely different person than when I started on this journey.

After spending almost my entire life thinking about food and my weight, I never thought it'd be possible to be in a place where weight loss was not my top priority (or a priority for me at all at this point).

For anyone who is just getting started in this process and their healing journey -- trust the process and trust yourself.  What's waiting for you on the other side is SO much better than diet culture running our lives and all the attention we tend to give it.

Flannery, 22


It is TOTALLY possible to heal from any type of disorderly eating. To say I was a skeptic of this is a HUGE understatement. I found Cara through YouTube (she was speaking on someone's channel that I follow) and I loved her viewpoint on diet culture, food, and women in society. I was intrigued to hear more of what she had to say so I stalked her on all social media and was sold. Within about a month I signed up for her coaching class and it has changed my life! I want to say by call 3 I was able to stop the poor disordered habits I had. What she has given me through these last few months is invaluable and I look back and wonder where I would be if I hadn't pulled the trigger to sign up with her. People, I am telling you, invest in yourself! If you need help with any type of eating, or nutritional issue, if you struggle with body image please give Cara a call. I think every woman should sign up with her! Also, listen to her podcast, Love Your Bod Pod if you want your mind to be blown!" 

Hayley, 29

Before I had my discovery call with Cara, I was in a 26 year-long losing battle with my eating disorder that left me mentally and emotionally drowning. 

Throughout the years, my body image and self-worth were co-dependent.  This way of life had gone on for so long, I didn't know any other way of being and I didn't believe there was another way. 

Working with Cara opened my eyes to the possibility of a different kind of life.  One with joy and pleasure.  There was never any judgment in Cara's voice.  I never felt shame when I opened up to her.  Cara has a way of turning total darkness into bright light.  

I have been working with Cara for roughly 10 months.  During this time, my relationship with food and my body have changed drastically.  I no longer had fear of "forbidden foods" because no foods are forbidden.  With a lot of internal work, I was showed a way to remove the power that food had over me.  I now respect my body's hunger and fullness cues in a way I was never able to before - as the meal plan or diet I was on always dictated what when and how much I was allowed to eat. 


I now have enough food freedom that I can go to a restaurant and order whatever I want at the moment, instead of researching the menus beforehand and calling in advance to see if the restaurant made substitutions for my many "allergies".  I am not that person anymore. my weight no longer defines me.  I am weight neutral.  Thoughts about food do not occupy my every waking hour.  Working with Cara has given me an opportunity to make this next chapter of my life so much more meaningful than how many calories are in an apple.

To anyone who has any kind of disordered relationship with food, however big or small you think it is, and/or body image issues and you do not think there is any other way, Cara is someone you must have in your life.  I recommend her 1000 times.  She is kind and funny and REAL.   This work gets hard and she is with you every step of the way.  Cara has literally saved my life."

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Jen, 39

IMG_2355 (1).jpg

I always thought that I had to come up with just enough discipline and willpower to change my eating habits. All I wanted was to be skinny and pretty (aka “good enough”).


When I started working with Cara my mindset changed completely. She made me aware of how diet culture affects us, taught me about restriction and weight neutrality, and gave me practical tools to practice. 

I already experienced a major shift in my relationship with food after our third call. The more I eased my mind into this new way of thinking I saw changes in my life outside of food as well.


I am intrinsically motivated to work out because I am not trying to please other people by the way I look anymore. And most importantly – I now listen more to myself than to what the world tells me.


When it got tough, Cara always reminded me to be compassionate with myself and my journey. She encouraged me to stand up for my needs and be my unapologetic self. Through Cara, I found a new sense of compassion towards myself, and it feels so good to finally trust my body and to embrace it!

Thank you Cara! Thank you for your understanding, for listening and for your advice. You have changed my life in an invaluable way. You gave me a sense of empowerment I never had before and I’ll be forever grateful for this journey. You inspire me to be myself and to give less fucks! ;)


All the love <3

Marie, 19

For five years, I struggled with a disordered relationship with food that no one knew about. The shame that ensued pulled me away from holidays, family events, and celebrations, making it almost impossible to enjoy this incredible life that was unfolding around me.


For the last six months, I’ve been working with Cara to face my issues with food, body image, and control head on—identifying the causes and digging into the repercussions (spoiler alert: it was never about the food). With Cara, I was taking the steps to create the life I wanted.


Looking back, I realize that Cara wasn’t just my coach in this process. She was my confidant, my backbone, my cheerleader, my friend. She helped me come to realizations that I was just ignoring before—opening my eyes to the self-work that needed to be done to move forward, to heal. 


I’m incredibly grateful to have stumbled upon Cara’s Instagram account, and I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to work with her. If you’re struggling with disordered eating, burdened by a negative relationship with your body, or as Cara would say, simply want to “step into your bigness,” go reach out to her right now. She’s worth the time, money and effort because YOU are worth the time, money and effort.

Thank you Cara, for changing my life for the better.

Kelsey, 26

"If you are searching through these testimonials, trying to convince yourself to muster up the courage to start working with Cara, I'm here to tell you- DO IT. It's worth EVERY penny, EVERY ounce of energy and thought (trust me, there's a lot of thought that goes into this!) and every minute spent. Before I started working with Cara, I felt hopeless that I would never have a good, normal relationship with food. I had restricted foods for so long and found myself in a nasty cycle of deprivation, binge eating, and shame. I didn't really want to admit I had a big problem and on my first coaching call with Cara, she called my bluff and pulled me forward. That was the first step in the life-changing 3 months I worked with her. I looked forward to every call because Cara is not just running this business to make money- she does this to change people's thoughts about food and themselves, which ultimately changes lives. Cara asked such thoughtful and provoking questions that I often joked it felt much more like a therapy/life coaching session than about health and food- but that's because it's all tied together so closely. I love that she gave practical steps to take after each call to bring me closer to the woman I want to be. And now, because I was brave enough to reach out for help,  I feel so FREE!! Even on hard days, I can hear Cara in the back of my mind saying "Have compassion on yourself." Do I still have to be intentional and pay attention to think thoughts that are contrary to what I thought for so long? Absolutely. But it gets easier with practice and knowing I have all of the resources I have now that I've worked with Cara. She's the real deal and I am so grateful for her."  

Alicia, 25

As I am writing this, I just ate two Christmas cookies. Then, I put them away. I put them away because I was done. Because I can have more later if I want. Because there are no rules. I ate them because all food has value. Because I like the taste of peppermint. Because I’ve had a hectic morning and I wanted to.


Before working with Cara allowing myself to have a Christmas cookie would have sent me straight into a binge-restrict cycle. Today, all foods are welcome, and thus there is no need to restrict because there’s always more.


Today being thin is not a top priority of mine, and the desire to be thin no longer influences how I choose my foods. I understand the deep-rooted and systemic oppression of diet culture, and I move through my life armed with that knowledge given by Cara.


The support, insight, and recognition given to me by Cara has forever changed my life. Working with her allowed me to see roadblocks I didn't know were there. Our calls gave me a safe place to express my concerns about my body and food, and she always offered me so much more than the money I spent to work with her ever could.


Because of Cara, I am free to eat salads and cake on the same day. I can workout without the goal of weight-loss and I can stand up against the evils of beauty sickness.


If you are on the fence about working with her like I was at first, do it, jump, she’ll catch you. 

Brandi, 28

Brandi Testimonial.jpg

Before working with Cara, every choice I made was based on shame and punishing my body. I've had a long history of binge eating, restriction and being ashamed of what my body looks like. Cara helped me learn to honor my body. She has the best energy, is non-judgmental and offered really concrete tools to heal my relationship with food and my body. For the first time in my life, I was able to identify what was fueling my choices around my body. I learned to interrupt my thoughts of self-punishment and form healthy habits of self-talk. I love my body for all that it can do for me. I choose to treat it with compassion for what it has been through and honor it by nourishing it. When I have intrusive thoughts, I utilize body-neutrality to accept my body, exactly as it is. Food is not an enemy anymore. It is just food, and whatever I choose to eat is perfectly fine. What I have learned has already profoundly impacted my life. I am able to interrupt negative self-talk and remember that I am a product of diet culture and that I no longer choose to comply with that. I move my body when it wants movement. If I want something sweet, I eat it. If I want a giant salad, that's what I have. Food no longer has labels of "good" or "bad". Every day is not a party of self-love, but I can now offer myself neutrality when I'm not having the best of days. That's a huge win. I think every woman could benefit from working with Cara. She taught me how to honor my body in a culture that perpetuates hating women's bodies. If you're considering working with her, do it. It's life-changing.

Amy, 39

Before I began my work with Cara, my life was dictated by the food rules and body fears I created for myself. I had worked with numerous counselors and programs, but each left me right back in the endless cycle of trying to use food to manipulate my body. As a last effort, I reached out to work with Cara, not expecting the results to differ much from the previous providers. I was completely shocked when, after our very first call, we uncovered subconscious lies and beliefs that had been manifesting as rigid thinking, shame, and fear.


The next 6 months of working together changed the way I viewed food, my body, and the world around me. Cara was a powerhouse of knowledge on not just food and body but also on mental and emotional wellbeing. She provided insight into thinking patterns, provided tools to overcome fears, and unveiled the toxic diet culture that surrounds our every waking moment.


Slowly, the rigidity became flexibility and the focus on food and body shifted to reconnecting with my passions and gifts to serve the world around me. I am now able to recognize and fight the lies I had been believing for many years. I have tools to face new challenges, and I have learned to honor and listen to my body’s wisdom. Working with Cara has given me the strength to reclaim my future and hopefully impact those around me. If you are even just flirting with the idea of giving Cara a call, I 100% recommend it. Cara’s compassion, experience, and insight will help you discover any false beliefs you’re acting on and provide the freedom to embrace the life you were meant to live. Thank you Cara! You’ve made all the difference for me.

-Courtney B, 24


Before working with Cara, I deeply struggled with my relationship with food. I was consistently looking for the next diet to do and beating myself up every time I couldn't follow the rules, thinking it was my fault and that I had no discipline. The way I viewed myself and the food I ate was horrible and left me always feeling unworthy. It was exhausting.


The only way I was willing to love myself was if I lost a substantial amount of weight or was in a smaller body. I had no compassion on myself and lived in a vicious cycle of restricting and then beating myself up for any 'slip-ups'.

I am thankful for Cara. She has cried with me, understood me, and empathized with me. She has given me practical ways to heal my relationship with food. She has taught me the importance of compassion and being okay where I am at. Today I am happier with myself and I have way more headspace that isn't surrounding what to eat, what not to eat, and how I look. What I've learned has deeply impacted my life and now I love sharing with people that we are not alive to lose weight. Life is too short to care about how we look for others.


I want all women to feel and know what I've experienced through Cara. This is an ongoing process, but I am thankful for the ways Cara has shifted my perspective on weight loss and the way I view my body. I can't recommend Cara enough!! Even though we have never met in person, she created an intimacy between us and I always looked forward to our calls. Be ready for your life and perspective to completely change!!"

Giuliana, 22

 My relationship with food was super rocky, I was scared of a lot of things and food intolerance's made it even trickier. Until we started working together I didn't even realize that my issues were so much more rooted in self worth and achievement than food itself. Each chat, we worked through some big stuff and explored my past and relationship to my self. When we spoke you heard what I was really saying, you helped me to unpack the truth behind my words and connect the dots onto how much programming diet culture has played in my life without me even realizing.  You always listened, provided insightful homework and guidance and my life really has changed. I never imagined we would do this work together when we met 12 years ago but incredibly grateful for all you've taught me! Your work is so important and I'm so happy you are sharing it! Thank you Cara!

— Jalissa, 30

Before working with Cara, the thought of food, what I had eaten last, what I was eating later- consumed more of my day than I would like to admit. I felt guilt, anger, hunger, and even sickness over it. I’d say it was a very unhealthy relationship. For as long as I could remember!  Cara gave me so many tools and so much wisdom, all of which I could use and practice right away. She showed me I wasn’t alone, showed me things weren’t my fault, and she listened! It was such a personal experience for having never met, and I am so thankful! (I could go on and on). Since working with her I stopped restricting. I was the queen of making carbs my enemy and then would put immense guilt on myself when I would eat a basket of chips one night to the point of feeling physically ill. I don’t do that anymore. Life is short y’all! I feel better overall. Now I can put my energy into things that matter. I am freed in many ways.

I am going to keep practicing. I’ve come a long way and it will be a lifelong journey. I want to encourage others around me to improve their relationship with their bodies and with food. I am so much more aware of unhealthy conversations, body sickness, etc etc and I can now rise above and choose to not partake in the negative cycle.

Shaina, 25

When I think about my first call with Cara, I am amazed at how far I have come with her help. I remember being stuck in the cycle of restricting and binge eating. I thought about food constantly and my life really revolved around what I was going to eat that day. I was hungry, I used food as a way to gain control over my life and I deserved more. 


On my first call with Cara, I remember feeling heard. Cara listened to me and saw things in me that I did not see. She understood, she opened me up to whole a community of people struggling with the same issues. She educated me on diet culture and showed me how this issue is affecting so many lives. She also gave me tools to use to have a healthier relationship with food, my body and myself in general. She is so good at helping me reframe my thoughts to have less anxiety. 


I am happy to say that food is no longer the center of my life! I still love food, but now I can enjoy it instead of stressing about it! I no longer wake up in the morning thinking about food or go to bed hungry. 


I still love to cook and meal prep, but I don't stress about portions or calories or food groups. I eat what feels good. As Cara would say, food is "no big deal".


Now, I am using the tools Cara has taught me in various ways throughout my life and sharing them with the people in my life that I care about. 


I would 10/10 recommend working with Cara, do it for yourself, you deserve it.

Samantha, 23



Before working with Cara, I considered myself to be a total skeptic when it came to the efficacy of receiving individualized coaching around the topics of body image, self-love, and disordered eating. I was completely resistant to any ideology that was counter to my current beliefs around food and my body. Over the past few years, I have gained weight and my eating habits reflected the way I felt about myself. I wasn't confident or proud of who I was and as a result, I would turn to food for comfort but then find myself restricting only to become trapped in a cycle of binge eating and then restricting. At first, I was so ashamed to admit that I needed support, but once I gave up my resistance to asking for help and started working with Cara, she completely rocked my world in the best way possible. She helped me unravel years of limiting beliefs about food and my body, and helped me to realize how much of my life I was WASTING by obsessing about food. After working with Cara and taking her Break Free from Binge Eating course, I feel so empowered and every aspect of my life has improved. I've noticed improvements in my work, my relationships, my ability to use intuition around food, my energy levels, and (even my sex life...teehee). If you ever feel like your thoughts about food and your body consume too much of your time and energy, do yourself a favor and free yourself by working with Cara!


image1 (2).jpeg

Before working with Cara, I was on and off a diet, or as society likes to call it, “the wagon” since I was probably twelve years old. I was always described as muscular or a “thicker” girl and I was always trying to be thinner and restrict the foods I ate. My worst enemy was carbs and I was constantly feeling shameful for eating fast food. 

What I love about working with Cara is that she is honest, direct, raw, and the real deal. What you see and hear is what you get, and she will compassionately hold you accountable along the way. She is available for support and always willing to pick you up with a reality check when you are having a lower moment with your own inner voice. 

Through working with Cara, I had some real breakthroughs, like putting on a bathing suit and actually liking the way I looked. It was the first time in years I felt comfortable and confident. I am also no longer fearful of carbohydrates or ashamed for having McDonalds every now and again. My inner voice is not judgmental of myself anymore, instead, it’s compassionate and loving.

 While it will be an ongoing process, my relationship with food and my body are astronomically different. I am aware of how the world was affecting the way I was thinking and feeling about food and my body. I am far more "deprogrammed" from the societal “norms” now. Moving forward, I plan to let others know that they don’t have to live their life in diet culture anymore and share about different possibilities for a healthier relationship with food and body positivity!

I love Cara so much, I hope that everyone can work with her to heal their relationship with food and their body. I truly believe the people who don’t think they have a disordered relationship with food, are the ones who need to work with Cara the most. Anyone who has restricted food, calories, or felt like they couldn’t accept and love who they are because of their body image should work with her. I promise you won’t regret it and you will be able to heal those deep emotions that will change your life and your own self-love for the rest of your life

JESS | 31 

IMG_0232 (1)_edited.jpg

"Before working with Cara, I lived on "junk" and was always using food as a coping mechanism. Every time I'd attempt to change my ways, I'd revert back because what I was looking for was a quick fix, and what I needed was to cultivate a lifelong, loving relationship with my body and listen to its needs/nourish it. 


What I loved about the group coaching program was having a safe space to say the things I'd never spoken out loud before, to people who not only understood but listened and truly cared. Being able to openly talk about my "demons" so freely was liberating. I never felt I was being judged and that I could be brutally honest with others and myself about my situation. Being able to support other women through something I was also struggling with was a great feeling, we were in it together.


I've started making healthier food choices that leave my body feeling nourished! Being able to make the connection that the way I was eating was directly contributing to how crappy I felt was huge. Seriously, HUGE! I'm also taking baby steps towards taking the time to move my body during the week and spending time with my passions is another area that I have been working on and I'm realizing it's so much better than sitting at home, missing out on life because I'm ashamed of my body (which I'm slowly becoming more and more unapologetic about every day)

I feel optimistic about my future for the first time in a while. Though I am not 100% "healed" I do understand that my health is a work in progress and that I'm on the right track. 

I plan on moving forward with all of my new "body wisdom", incorporating that into my daily life and honoring my body each day as best I can. My notes from our sessions and homework practices are valuable assets that I plan on continually referencing throughout my journey to wellness and body wisdom.


I find myself bringing up topics I've learned and sharing information I hope to be helpful to others when I hear them struggling with something I may have struggled with in the past. I've "come out" as being on this journey and as excited as I am to see where it takes me, I'm not in any rush!

Honestly, Cara is a superwoman and I don't know how she does it, I wholeheartedly recommend working with her! I find myself saying "what would Cara say" whenever I am feeling stuck. 

She is a driving force for those who need that extra push and tough love to know the wisdom to live healthfully has been within us the whole time.


The way she organizes and facilitates the group is such that you're not just there learning and taking in what Cara has to say, but you're sharing your own story/growth and allowing others the opportunity to share theirs too. I've never been a part of a group like this and I could not be happier with my choice to take that leap of faith and enroll.


I strongly believe this group would benefit anyone who feels so defeated by their relationship with food that they just want to say "F it!" and give up. People who think "being healthy" just isn't in the cards for them because they have "failed" too many times before. This group will bring you out of hiding and show you how rewarding and healing being vulnerable can truly be."

Rae, 27


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Jenna, 25


Before working with Cara, my relationship with food was very unhealthy. I used food as a way to manipulate my body and I was blind to the true purpose of food...which I’ve learned is meant to be enjoyed and as a tool to nourish our bodies.


Participating in the group coaching allowed me to share my personal struggles with other women who were battling similar issues. I feared the idea of opening up to a group of women I have never met. But having the opportunity to share your struggles and join a conversation of women who are battling similar issues is very inspiring.


My previous notion of health was distorted by diet culture and the “thin-is better” attitude. But I’ve come to realize, optimal health is more than just what you eat and how you look. It’s about having balance, compassion, self-love and learning how to have body acceptance. I am slowing down, listening to how my body feels and using those cues as a way to nourish my body. I am working on eliminating the negative, shameful self-talk that used to consume my inner dialogue and ultimately perpetuate my binge eating habits. I am beginning to have a greater sense of calm around food. I am tuning in to what my body naturally needs, instead of following a strict regimen. 


These past four weeks, I have learned so much thanks to her knowledge and guidance. I feel empowered to make choices that align with what my body naturally needs. I am ready to end the diet/binge cycle and seek food freedom and happiness!

Laura, 31


I had a love hate relationship. I love food. I love trying new foods, I love cooking, and I enjoy the act of eating. I also hate food. I hated the control I felt it had over the way my body looked. I loved how comfortable I felt talking with Cara. I loved that she didn’t try to tell me how to feel or what to eat, she just made me think and helped me interpret what those feelings might mean. I admitted things to myself/to her that I have never done before and that were so important to my recovery. The one thing that sticks out the most to me about what has changed for me after working with Cara is the fact that I am no longer restricting myself entirely from certain foods. I have dieted basically my entire life. And I have never truly loved my body for what it was. Cara has helped me love myself for who I am. And know that I am more than just the body that the world sees me in.  Since I no longer feel deprived of foods, I am not bingeing or over eating.  I eat what makes me feel satisfied and fed and then stop. I’ve also learned (and am still learning) to not classify foods as good or bad. Just as food. And listening to what my body wants and needs and not forcing what my mind thinks it does. I am thankful for a healthy and able body and I am more than just my body. I will continue to work towards loving my body and not forcing foods or depriving foods based on how I think they will affect my body. It’s an ongoing process but I know I am in such a better place and now I have the tools to continue this growth. Thank you Cara!! All the <3


"For the better part of 10 years, my relationship with food was full of steep cliffs and valleys. By working with Cara, I’ve learned how to bring greater awareness and intention to my eating. She has a way of being a caring friend, a passionate advocate for intuitive eating, and an effective coach — these qualities combined are what I love most about working with her. This journey has given me a lot of tangible knowledge related to body acceptance and food, and even more, it has shown me how progress is not siloed to just this area of my life.  I feel so much more respect towards my body and everything that it does for me."



"After dabbling with solo therapy, I realized that a crucial part of my recovery was halted because of lack of a group support system. I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon Cara's Break Free Group, because it provided me with the tools to be vulnerable and supported in an intimate and safe space. The women I met in the group are incredible, and I gained even more from their sharing than my own. Cara's expertise helped guide our calls and provided us with key takeaways and homework each week. I can confidently say that I have grown exponentially since joining the group." 

ALI | 25 


I struggled with my relationship with food for years before finally deciding to seek help.  Cara inquired, explored and coached through the real reasons behind my eating behaviors and body image issues, inviting me to take another look at myself and dig deeper to find the answers to her questions. She worked with me every step of the way, helping me to brainstorm the ways that work best for me to shape my mindset and heal my relationship with myself and my food. Since working with Cara, I feel more comfortable in my skin, more confident, and able to nourish my body so I can go out and conquer the world! I went from prioritizing my body's size and the food on my plate above all else to realizing and celebrating what I can do with the body I have, no matter what it looks like. It feels so good to know that I'll never have to restrict, diet or binge again, and that I don't have to waste another second trying to control my body and instead go live my life, fully nourished and energized. Thank you so much, Cara!

JENNA | 24 

I want to say thank you. Your lessons and support helped me realize a lot of things about what lead me to binge eating and also helped me learn to hear my body's signals and trust that I know what's best for me at any given time. It sounds obvious now, but it was definitely something I needed to learn. So far what you taught me has actually helped me a lot beyond just food - the lessons have helped me trust my gut on a love of other life things too! The support that comes from being a part of a group was very valuable. The vulnerability and willingness to share that the other ladies brought to the sessions really helped me open up and reflect deeper into my own experiences and feelings. Also, one of the things about your coaching I felt was really beneficial was your focus on having compassion for yourself and your body instead of feeling shame and guilt. That shift in perspective was not always easy because it is hard to unlearn the divide between “good” and “bad” foods/ behavior, but it makes a big difference. Thank you, Cara!

ANDREA | 26 

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