December 26, 2018

Today on the Love Your Bod Pod I share with you my 4-step process for creating soul goals. Goals that are generated from a place of Authentic Inspiration and not Shameful Obligation. 

When we create goals from a place of authentic inspiration we easily accomplish what w...

April 16, 2018

For years, I spent most of my day trying to eat and workout in a way to manipulate my body size. The overwhelming majority of thoughts I had were about food and the way I looked.

It was painful and it was the theif of so much joy in my life.

I think about how much time I...

March 16, 2018


New look, who dis? 

This site has been in the works for months, since last fall and it has been an absolute labor of love. (Thank you to Lunar, Laura Austin & The Rare Form for all your creative genius).

Everything from the logo design, font selection, col...

February 9, 2018

Embarking on Whole 30 was a journey that infultrated my life with new knowledge and experiences. And I do hope that what I share adds value to you and the effectiveness of my ethos.

Like many, come January I wanted to shift the way I had been eating but my reasons for c...

February 4, 2018

Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice but not one that comes for free. Organic food and products are often more expensive then their conventional counterparts which is why its sometimes necessary to pick and choose what you're willing to fork over extra cash for.


December 4, 2017

The holidays can be a stressful time of year.

Seeing fmaily, traveling, disrupted routines, and gift giving. That can be really challeging, too. Coming up with ideas of what to give the people on your list that isn't a box set of body wash or a gift card can be a strugg...

September 9, 2017

Its been a minute since I've posted a YouTube video for you (more like years, not minutes but hey who's counting, right?)

This video is about my approach to eating and basically everything in my life.

The 80/20 rule aka the Pareto principle states that roughly 80% of the...

July 16, 2017

THE GOOD FAT. More the like the BEST fat. I used to be so afraid to eat avocados because of the low-fat craze of the 80's/90's but I've official shed that skin. Now I eat them on the daily and the love runs real deep.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that follows C...

June 9, 2017

Skin- When you its clear and glowing you feel confident. When its covered in pimples you don't. Its hard to even listen to anyone else talk because you're so in your head worried if they are staring at your pimples that you can't hear a word they are saying. At least t...

April 24, 2017

This may or may not come as a surprise to you but I effing love vegetables. All of them. I havent met one I don't like and green ones in particular I take a special liking to. Now, I know you have heard it hundreds of times: eating vegetables is vital for your health b...

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