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For years, I spent most of my day trying to eat and workout in a way to manipulate my body size. The overwhelming majority of thoughts I had were about food and the way I looked.

It was painful and it was the theif of so much joy in my life.

I think about how much time I spent on the pursuit of the perfect body (in the name of health) when I could have pursued something that empowered and inspired me instead of made me feel like I was constantly in need of "fixing" or of solving my "weight problem."

Now, thoughout the day, I dream about a world in which woman (and everyone) reframe the conversation around their bodies, weight loss, views of beauty, and what 'health' really means.

This dream is the motivation behind my coaching work and inspires my passion for holistic healthy living.

It is a dream where women are so lit up and inspired by their passion's in life, that food is simply a tool to fuel their creativity and purpose driven action.

A dream where women are so interested in their lives that they only think about food when their body sends them hunger signals.

A world where women wake up and like their bodies as they are because they are the vessel in which they get to show up in the world.

A dream where women happily order the pizza or the alfredo and can eat without guilt or without planning their workout or meals for tomorrow to "make up for it."

A world where women love their bodies and truly believe their partners when they say "you are beautiful!"

A world where the pursuit of weight loss does not exists because we have so much more important work to pursue.

A world where women no longer feel the need to control their food or find the "right way" of eating.

A world where we all believe that health comes in all shapes and sizes and weights.

A world where women no longer compare their bodies to others because diversity and individuality is truly celebrated.

A world where women start living their life RIGHT NOW, not X lbs from now.

A world where women can eat a salad because they truly love the way it tastes and makes their body feel without attaching morality to it. Where salad is salad and not "being good" or "eating clean."

A world where women believe that their size has nothing to do with their self-worth.

A world where women are free to be themselves, in the skin they are in, without mistreatment or judgement from others.

A world where women no longer pursue weight loss in the name of health! Can we just pursue health?!

Imagine what would be possible if all the time, energy and money spent on dealing with our "weight problem" was channeled into creating a life we truly love.

xo C




I'm a certified health coach and I help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. I am also the host of the Love Your Bod Pod, 

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