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Well hey, hi, hello!

Today I am sharing a kind of radical out there idea. Something I've been thinking about for a while now.

I was completely on the fence about sharing it but the thing about being on the fence is that after a while it starts to hurt. You just have to pick a side so you don't continue to have fence up your ass.

So I just said F it. I am gunna go for it.

It's the new red hair I swear.

But a little warning before I dive in. It's a bit of a tough love kind of post. Just know I am coming from a good place, relating to you as powerful and whole. Not in need of fixing. This post is supposed to put you in a state of inquiry.

Knowledge isn't power. Its just not.

Knowledge used to be power.

Back when we had to go to the library to look up information in an encyclopedia to find answers to questions, sure knowledge was power. It was hard to come across, hard to find, hard to share. The person with the most of it would absolutely have a leg up on her neighbor.

But now? In 2017 when everyone and their grandma has access to the internet or walks around with a hand held computer in their pocket..., its just not that powerful anymore.

Knowledge is not power because the internet made knowledge available to everyone. In literally seconds. At the touch of a button. At a shout to Siri. And just knowing something doesn't actually make the difference.

Knowledge is only potential power.

Let me explain.

You know that eating fast food is unhealthy yet you still hit up the drive thru.

You know that smoking is bad for you, it will kill you slowly but surely, yet you still smoke.

You know that continuing to emotionally binge on food isn't going to lead to you feeling more fulfilled by life.

Isn't it true then that just knowing what might help make us happier and healthier is only potentially powerful,

but that doing something with that knowledge is what makes the difference?

“It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.” — René Descartes

What if I were to ask you how to lose weight and take better care of your health, what would you tell me?

I can bet good money that 80%+ of you would tell me something along the lines of eating healthier whole foods, balanced meals, eating a little less then you normally do, eliminate processed and fast foods, exercise more, perhaps eat some sauerkraut for gut health and cut back on sugar.


I mean don't we all know that's how to lose weight and get healthier? It’s simple.

Eat right and exercise.

I talk to so many people about their health every single day and the majority of them say something like this "I know what to do, Its just a matter of doing it."

Can you relate?

Of course there are situations like hashimotos, lupus and food allergies that make it more complicated or difficult for others. But for the most part, we all know what to do to become healthier, happier, more fit versions of ourselves.

so then what is the fucking problem?

We all know that its for our own good to not eat processed foods, too much sugar and to be sedentary. To binge, to purge, to restrict.

Fundamentally we all have enough knowledge to take care of our health.

Don't we?

So again, what is the problem?

Why are 40% of Americans obese?

Why are 1 in 6 children under the age of 19 Obese?

Why is there a $28 billion dollar (yes B for billion) health and wellness industry in the United States and $80 billion world wide?

Why are 85% of the nations $2.7 trillion annual health care costs spent on people with chronic and mental health conditions that relate to diet and lifestyle choices?

How come 8+ million people have eating disorders?

Why are new diet books on how to lose weight and get healthier coming out year after year telling people almost the same exact thing packaged up slightly different than the one before?

Its because knowledge has almost nothing to do with it.

I said almost. Hear me out.

Knowing is only half the battle.

Knowing what to do is only one piece of the puzzle. Doing it is the other. And that is where most of us get stuck.

Myself included.

We don't know why we don't do what we know we need to do. That isn't knowledge as much as it is self-awareness.

Sometimes we really do need support to understand why we don't take the actions we know we need to take.

Its why I work with a life coach who focuses on heart-centered entrepreneurs.

I knew what I needed to do yet was really stuck in overcoming my fear and self limiting beliefs. Because knowing what I needed to do to become a health coach was not enough to become a health coach. Does that make sense?

I am not trying to say that we don't need help because we can google everything. I am saying we need support because googling isn't enough.

Reading an article about how to become a mindful eater isn't all of sudden going to make you a mindful eater even though you now know how..., I mean you do, don't you? You just read the article telling you how... You get my point.

So then what is it?

Why are there more unhealthy people than ever before? Why do most people fail at following diets? Why are so many of us victims to emotional eating and binge behavior. We know what we need to do and yet doing it is really really challenging sometimes.

So it’s not knowledge that matters, it’s what we do with it.

Its action.

It’s what motivates us. It’s our mindset. Its our self-talk. It’s our purpose. Its self-awareness. That's where the true power lies.

I am way less interested in what you know and far more interested in what motivates you. Give me the juicy, exciting, sexy, enticing, big fat reason WHY you do what you do. OR why you don't do what you wish you would.

That's the power. That's the money. That’s the gumball I want to chew on.

Our will to action is heavily influenced by our commitment level and our motivations. And being willing to do things we don't always like to do. Its our self-worth. Our self-talk.

It's what we believe.

And sometimes we have to dig deep to uncover what we believe. And then once we know what we believe we can start to question if our beliefs are true and then we can choose to believe something else.

Often we have a blindspot. And we need help discovering it.

For many, its our self love or lack of it that stops us from nourishing our body. If we don't truly love ourselves why would we invest time and money on taking care of ourselves?

If we think we are inadequate in some area of our lives then we will likely compensate by over eating, obsessing on food to avoid dealing with or taking responsibility for what we see as a short coming.

Food is normally the middleman between what is actually at the root of our behaviors and our health issues. We obsess over food and weight to avoid what is on the front end. If you are in a cycle that you can't get out of, its not the food and the weight, its some other emotional ball of tangled up string.

That is until the weight actually starts to impact your health with high blood sugar, high blood pressure ect.

Then the weight is an issue because it is now interfering with your ability to be alive. But 90% of the time I find that there is something before the food and the weight that put this whole thing into motion.

Sometimes, its the way we think about healthy eating that keeps us from it. If we think that eating well means no social life, not going out. If eating well means no fun. If it means restriction. Then its our point of view. Our perspective.

If we lack the self-awareness to realize that we need someone to hold us accountable for our actions, to relate to us like we are powerful, to tell us the truth when most people are too polite then its a blindspot.

If we somehow never have the time or the money to take care of our health then we are energetically saying we are not ready to do what it takes. To make sacrifices for our own greater good.

Clearing out our self-limiting beliefs, changing our deep seeded notions about what it means to live a healthy life, getting to the root of our motivations, having enough self awareness to recognize habits and then engaging our conscience mind enough to change them.

Finally learning to love ourselves so we eat well. Deciding that spending more money on whole foods then on

what ever the hell it is we spend money on. Finally making the time to nurture our bodies instead of being destructive.

That's where the magic lies. That's the power.

For many of us what it takes to finally get our butts in line is discovering our blind spots, squashing self limiting beliefs, creating community, loving ourself, being held accountable and sometimes being told what to do.

If you know what to do to get healthy and still don't then maybe its time to reach out for help. Get to the root of why you are stuck or not taking the action you know you need to take.

Sometimes having someone else create a structure for you, lay out an action plan, and hold you accountable is what you need to finally change your life forever.

That's why we join health and fitness challenges, its why we hire health coaches, personal trainers, business coaches or work with a nutritionist.

Its ok to need help to get us to take action because just knowing what to do isn't enough.

If you are finally ready to commit to your health then contact me. I offer free discovery calls so we both can determine if health coaching is right for you and if we will make a great team.

I will help you uncover what has stopped you in the past. We will get unstuck from where you are stuck, I will hold you accountable, give you actions to take and I will help you create the food freedom, body wisdom and

heath you have always wanted.





I'm a certified health coach and I help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. I am also the host of the Love Your Bod Pod, 

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