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Hi sweet human friends!

This week I become a Certified Health Coach (does fist pumps) which is very exciting for me! Even though I have been working with clients for the last 6 months it feels really great to add this layer of credibility and tool to my tool belt.

The distinctions I learned and the nutritional knowledge I gained will only help me be more of service to YOU.

It’s a miracle that I am here, helping others discover how to have health in their bodies such that they can make the difference they want to make in the world. You all know my relationship with food used to be in shambles and my own experience creating vibrancy inside my body has been an uncomfortable ride. I didn’t always wake up feeling excited and go to bed feeling fulfilled.

But learning to feed myself has effected every other area of my life. Let me explain.

These beautiful bodies of ours need food as fuel and I think it is such a shame that we’ve made nourishing ourselves a very complicated foggy mess. Navigating the world of nutrition is like swimming through murky waters.

But here’s the thing my loves, the food we eat can only do one of two things. It is either healing us, lifting us up, helping us to be our most authentic self or it’s slowing us down, moving us further from who we are at our core.

It helps us make the difference we want to make in the world or it makes the mission more turbulent.

Our bodies are complicated machines that need to be maintained because sometimes they malfunction, break down, freak the eff out or stop working completely. When the physical machinery that is our body isn’t working right it effects our soul, our being. It effects how we feel which impacts who we are and how we show up in the world.

Think about it.

If you are sick, lightheaded, have a head ache, foggy brained, constipated, gassy, fatigued, are you able to be your most spirited, dynamic, energetic, and vibrant, full of life MF self?


When we feel like crap, so often we show up like crap. We are mean to others, less productive, less creative, less motivated, less generous, less loving. We feel heaviness in our bodies. It’s hard to vibrate at a higher frequency when your body is drugging along on this earth.

As Tory Dube, a soul-centered consultant explains “All ailments, extra pounds over or under weight, emotional tidal waves and our general perception of our reality offer feedback to how well we’re nourishing our contents (AKA our body and soul).”

That is why the food you eat is so important.

It is why I help people unlearn all the shit they have learned over the years and help them tune into what high vibe foods work best for their machine (aka their physical body) right now.

Eating well allows us to come home to ourselves and be more powerful players in this game of life. We can be more loving, more compassionate, more of service. We can get out of our heads about it and be more intuitive and more in touch with our bodies.

The food we eat forms the roots upon which the tree of our lives can grow infinitely higher. Or not.

When we eat foods, we ingest them in our body, they are metabolized and assimilated into our tissues and cells.

They become us and then those foods either raise our vibration or they lower it. Those foods effect our outputs in the world. Those foods literally effect our physical reality.

Foods can interrupt our ability to be who we truly are and want to be because certain foods make us irritable, fatigued, angry, decrease brain cognition, make us tired.

That is why the food we eat is the foundation upon which the rest of our life can (or cannot) flourish.

Here is an example: If we are about to give a presentation at work or school and we are anxious and nervous and we choose to have a coffee and pastry before the talk that food is going to pull us right off center. The sugar and caffeine will mimic the anxiety, the white flour and simple carbohydrates will give us foggy brain so it’s harder to focus and concentrate. OR we can have a salad, piece of fruit, eggs and avocado, something that nourishes us and facilitates our ability to be present and connected.

Once we understand and build awareness of what foods lift us up, once we take inventory of how to take care of our machinery so we can be our most true authentic selves then we are able to do the same thing in every area of our life.

We can make the difference we want to make. Be the leader we want to be. Be the mother, partner, father, sister, co-work, healer, mentor, servant, creator YOU WANT TO BE.

This is why I do what I do. So that you can show up more powerfully in the world.

I want you to feel freedom around food, be empowered by your body and kick ass at life. Because once we got the food thing taken care of you will wake up feeling like the MF goddess you are because you take care of your machine daily and it allows you to transform the world around you.

Can I get a high five?

hit me up for your free discovery call to see if I am the right health coach for you!





I'm a certified health coach and I help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. I am also the host of the Love Your Bod Pod, 

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