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This is a question that I have spent the last couple years thinking about and formulating an answer to.

What is Body Wisdom? What does it mean and encompass?

Body Wisdom, to me, is this idea that the answers already lie within. Each of us can cultivate an intimate and unshakable connection with our bodies and the information they send us about how best to live our lives.

However, the world we live in makes it so hard for us to hear, let alone decipher what it is saying to us. We are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, opinions from “experts” and what seem like authoritative sources, so we are left in a state of persistent confusion, always looking for the perfect way to eat and live. Conflicting science is the norm and radically opposing “truths” about health are everywhere.

Like many, I spent years trying every diet under the sun always trying to find the answers for the "right" way to eat without ever considering that the answers already lie within.

On top of the confusion, the pressure our society puts on us to look a certain way is suffocating. From a young age we are taught to instill our self-worth and value in our exterior, leaving many in a never-ending pursuit of physical perfection.

Ultimately this dims our inner light, diminishes our trust with ourselves and our bodies while paving the way for self-loathing and self-doubt to fester often leading to disordered eating.

Along the way, I hand tangled up the pursuit of health with the pursuit of weight loss which lead to a decade long battle with an eating disorder that nearly took my life from me.

Eventually I started to learn about health outside of the world of weight loss and it changed everything. I learned about our food system and all that was involved with it.

Like many, my trust in the outside world on how to nourish myself started to decrease as its become clear that so many large companies and powerful individuals do not have the greater good in mind.

The blessing of this reality is that I started to trust my body more then any other external influence which has changed every facet of my life. I started to develop "media literacy" and decide for myself if the information I was ingesting was true for me.

Ultimately it made eating about something other than weight loss.

My book, Body Wisdom, is about the journey.

It lays out the information that made a difference for me in how I treated myself and my body.

Its how I learned how to eat for me and also for the world I wanted to live in. Within its pages are the lessons that guided me to becoming my own health expert and finally coming to a place of love and trust with my body.

It’s a book about food, health, nutrition, diet culture, weight-loss, eating disorders, politics, society, peace, happiness and my commitment to freeing women up from the oppression we face each day.

I truly hope that you love it and that it makes a difference for you.

You can find the book HERE

all of my love :)

xo C



I'm a certified health coach and I help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. I am also the host of the Love Your Bod Pod, 

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