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10 Reason We Can't Stop Binge Eating

After 10 years of dealing with an eating disorder, I know a thing or two about getting stuck in the very painful Diet-Binge Cycle.

I truly want to help you get out of it because I know what it's like on the other side.

Before I dive into why we get stuck, I want to talk about the word “diet” really quick.

Because the word “diet” has become a dirty word in the world of wellness, we all seem to want to toss it out with the trash.

Subsequently, people keep telling me that they are “not on a diet” but they identify with being a binge eater.

What they mean is that they are not on a traditional diet, like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Atkins.

Nowadays, it's all about the lifestyle diets, you know, like Paleo or Veganism. Which are treated exactly the same way as if it were Weight Watchers, but we mentally tell ourselves "it’s not a diet, its a lifestyle change" to which I empathize and understand.

But if you feel emotionally attached to eating a certain way (meaning you are good for eating one way and bad for eating another way) then you are likely on a diet.

When I say the word “diet” what I really mean is any way of eating that has to do with your weight and influences your emotional state.

And it has way more to do with what you think about the food then what food you are actually putting in your mouth.

For example… you might think that there is:

A right and a wrong way to eat or,

An ok and not ok amount to eat or,

You are ok for eating one way and not ok for eating another way.

It could also mean that you are doing anything with food including but not limited to:

-intentionally reducing or removing a certain food group (i.e I can't eat carbs)

-or controlling the amounts of food (like calorie restriction)

...as an attempt to control, lose or maintain your weight.

If your way of eating has anything to do with your weight, then you are on a diet and that is absolutely triggering the binge eating.


Effectively, its reallllly hard, if not impossible, to be a binge eater without also being a dieter or being stuck in a diet-mentality.

So continuing on that note, here are the top 10 reasons why you are stuck in the diet-binge cycle.

1. You think that there is a right and wrong way to eat

There is no a right way. And certainly no one from the outside world knows the best way for you to eat, your body is the only one that can truly confirm the right way for you to eat. Its likely that you have not been listening to your body signals because you have been dieting.