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(This post is sponsored by Daiya* all thoughts and opinions are my own)

Food is Fuel BUT it's so much more

When we are caught up in Diet/Wellness Culture or struggling with our relationship with food, we often have a sense of shame around eating foods simply because they taste good. We can easily fall into the limited thought pattern of "food is fuel." Which is why we feel shame or guilt for eating foods that aren't nutrient dense or "healthy." Or for eating when we're not hungry.

And yes, food is fuel, it's a biological necessity, but if it was just for fuel why would our biology be designed to make food pleasurable, too? It tastes good and feels good to eat.

It's a rewarding experience.


We release dopamine and feel-good chemicals when we eat so it's designed to be something to bring us joy and enrich our lives. It's why we turn to food when we feel sad or stressed - our biology literally feels better on a chemical level when we eat.

So allowing ourselves to enjoy food, for nourishment but also just because, is essential to a healthy relationship with food. It's what I refer to as Vitamin-P (or pleasure) and it is an essential component or "nutrient" to thriving and enjoying life.

You might be wondering why nature would do this, why would our creator make humans enjoy food and eating so much? What is the biological necessity for that?

If we look at it from an Evolutionary Biological standpoint it actually makes a load of sense.

Think back to early humans.

Think back to what life would have been like before industrial farming and our modern food system. Getting enough food to survive was a laborious task. Farming, pilling, planting, harvesting- all of it. We used to have to chase our food down with spears, or go out in the freezing winter to ice fish.

It was hard, challenging and anything but easy.

We didn't have pre-cut veggies or Grub-Hub.

So how did nature guarantee we'd go through the incredible work and danger to make sure we would keep eating to stay alive?

It made it enjoyable, it made it pleasurable, it made it taste good and feel good. Duh.

Research even shows that when we enjoy our food our nutrient absorption is better. I mean could nature be more brilliant?!? It's meant to be pleasurable, and eating for pleasure and enjoying our food is good for our health and well-being.

It's the same reason why sex feels good. It's designed to, so we reproduce and keep our species alive.